During the summer of 1998, I rode the 185-mile (at that time) trail in several stages. Since then, I have re-ridden different sections during other seasons (it is amazing how different the trail becomes in winter), including the newer section between Clinton and Sedalia.

The bike you see in a couple of the pictures is a light-red Lotus 12-speed, with around 30,000 miles on it--it was retired in the spring of 1999--newer pictures show a dark-blue Trek 520 accompanying me. If you would like to share a Katy photo, drop me a line--I'd be happy to include it--feel free to take these pictures and use them--if you'd like higher-res versions, let me know.

Personally, words cannot express the experience of riding along this trail----I go back again and again, and find inner joy. For more information about the Katy Trail, visit the Bike Katy Trail site. The links below will allow you to see four different sections of the trail, corresponding to the regions depicted in park brochures--each gallery also contains pictures representative of the area.

Gallery #1 covers mileposts 264-191, between Clinton and Boonville.

Gallery #2 covers mileposts 191-143, between Boonville and Jefferson City.

Gallery #3 covers mileposts 143-77, between Jefferson City and Marthasville.

Gallery #4 covers mileposts 77-26, between Marthasville and St. Charles.

If you experience difficulty with the image maps, the list below contains all Katy Trail pictures posted so far:

MKT-206 caboose at Clinton

Bison farm outside Clinton

One lane bridge

Yield signage

Straight stretch

My bike, after 33 mile trip

The road ahead, near Sedalia

Lamine River

Old signal

Park rules

Large whistle

Winter scene

1893 tunnel

350 year old bur oak

Bur oak, afar

Trail damage from flooding

Missouri River scene

Uphill view into a draw

Summer scene

Creek view



Storm damage

Cottonwood stand


Small frog

Large cottonwood

High water

Calloway Co. reactor

Barkersville Church

Hog farm

Black snake

Two deer

Flood Marker

MilePost 39

Amtrak passes by

1896 Katy Depot

Trestle support

State Fairgrounds