Every month


Childrenís Liturgy of the Word will be held at 10:00 Mass each Sunday.Children age 3 Ĺ and up are encouraged to attend.


Communion for Shut-ins If you know of someone that is not able to attend Mass and wouldlike to have communion brought to their home, please call the church office to make the arrangements, 682-2815. Also call if you would be willing to take communion to the nursing home and shut-ins.


Estherís Pantry

We received a thank you for our continued support of Ester Pantry with our food donations. They serve 10-15 families a month who would otherwise have a difficult time feeding their families. Cash donations go for vouchers for milk and perishable goods.


Thank you for your donations to Ester Pantry.

Items suggested by the Esterís Pantry for donations.






Snacks (popcorn, Raisin, Peanuts)





Canned fruit

Cake mixes



Tuna in water

Chili/chili beans



Peanut butter

Tuna helper


Toilet paper

Pancake mix





Spaghetti sauce

Paper towels

Hamburger helper


Postcards: There are postcards showing the church in the back of church. Use these to send welcome back to church, miss seeing you in church, thinking of you, congratulations, and numerous other occasion. Take them and use them. If there is none in the back of church, then there may be some in the church office.


Looking for a way to get involved in the church?You could help with CCD, join Knights of Columbus, attend St. Anne Fellowship meetings or craft meetings.