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Parish Council Minutes January 14, 2014

†††† Those present were Erle Bennett, Carolyn Romine, Betty Gooding, David Gordon, Harvey Million, Mary Peeper and Father Offutt.†† Father started the meeting with a prayer at 7:00.

†††† Mary gave the financial report.Our bank balance is $31,181.24 and we have $70,084.65 in savings at the diocese. We had several weekends with low attendance which lowered the offering for those weeks. We received $1,123.28 in interest on our deposits at the Diocese. Bible School expenses that we share with the other churches was higher but attendance was also higher. The hot water heater in the MPB is leaking so it will be replaced with the water heater from the basement that was traded out for an electric one.

†††† Harvey Million reported that his classes on preparation for becoming a Catholic are continuing every other Sunday and those attending are enthused about the classes.

†† Erle Bennett did not have anything new from the Building and Grounds committee.

††† Erle moved on to the Religious Building and Facilities Review. Dennis Heubin will sketch possible building foot prints as they fit on the lot and how parking would fit with those schemes. Dennis will do this at a nominal cost. These will be only footprint drawings to get a basic idea of what we can do. Erle will have the drawings next month.

††† It was announced that the first letter from the Profess, Proclaim, and Celebrate Offertory Enhancement program that the diocese has contracted for should go out this coming week. There will be about 3 letters sent to each parishioner over the next couple of months.††††††††

†††† David Gordon said the new website is up and running but not completed. The bulletin will continue to be posted on the old sight till more work can be done on the new site. The address for the new site is

††† Harvey Million reminded the council that Holy Spirit would have a Lenten Mission from March 23-26. It will be on Contemplative Spirituality and Centering Prayer. Father Matthew Flatley will lead this on Sunday night followed by presentation by Abbot Thomas Keating OCSO on DVDís and members of the Contemplative Outreach of Central Missouri here on Monday through Wednesday night. Each night will include a Centering Prayer time. We will have a meal before the sessions on each of the nights.

††† Ann Goosey sent a reminder that we are hosting a presentation at our Parish for older youth and adults on Tuesday, January 21 at 6:30. This will be put on by the diocese. This presentation will be on Growth in Faith especially Conversion to Christ as well as on Pope Frances. A video segment from Fr Robert Barronís video on conversion will be shown. This should last about 1 to 1/2 hours.††† 

†††† Erle reminded the council that CCD is meeting from 6:30-7:30 in January and February. This is a trial to see if this time would work better for the families than the 7-8:00 time.

†††† It was announced that the Knights of Columbus Shrimp Fest would be January 25 and February 1. St. Anne Fellowship will have their annual tea on Tuesday, February 6th at 7:00 PM. †††Father closed the meeting with a prayer at 7:25.