Please print or email this form and return it completed to: Rick Haley, Cave Manager , 4621 Briar Gate, St. Charles, MO 63304. Scanned, signed versions may also be returned to Rick Haley-Cave Manager. 


Once your request has been received, you will receive a response regarding your permit within 14 days.  




I, _________________________________, am requesting a permit to lead a trip of no more than ___­___ participants into Berome Moore Cave System on _____________________________ for the following purpose: (Please identify where in the cave you plan to go and what you are planning to do on the trip, e.g., biological inventory of planarian in Pink Planaria passage): ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


The following section for MMV Berome Board use only:

Trip Approved by the MMVBB on _______________________, 201_.  Permit # ____________


Authorization attested by _____________________________ (MMVBB member). 


Trip denied by the MMVBB on ________________________, 201_ for the following reason: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Denial attested by ___________________________________ (MMVBB member).