Help MMV do its part to Support Berome Moore Cave with a donation.

For donations at the levels below, MMV has produced a number of thank you premiums.
You can help support obtaining this cave for cavers and we will send you "stuff" or not as you prefer.

If you want multiples of one item, please list multiple times in cart.

Questions? Email Jim Sherrell.
There is also a free-will donation button below.

Berome Fundraising Premiums

Free Will Button

Click this button and send us whatever contribution you would like.
($5 minimum, please, since Paypal charges a transaction fee. )


Limited supply: Vintage yellow Berome patches left over from the cave's former use with youth groups. When they are gone, they are gone.
100th MVOR: MMV sponsored the first and 100th MVOR gathering.
Berome Cave Pleistocene Kitty Patch. It's the cave's meow.
Get any of these for a $10 donation.


Weatherproof sticker

This is just to show your pride in Perry County Caves, and a little thank you from us. On adhesive backed paper.
Minimum contribution $2. More appreciated to defray the cost of mailing.

The Ethnic Food Option

Quiero toda la enchilada! (I want the whole enchilada!)
For a contribution of $30 or more, we will send you everything listed here. Press Button below.



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