Blue Spring emerges at the base of tall white bluff of Jefferson City dolomite.

Name: Blue

Location: Oregon County, Missouri

Rank: 12

Average Flow: 47 million gallons per day (72 cubic feet per second)

Recharge Area: Not adequately defined. Presumably the Alton area, to which nearby Morgan Spring has been traced.

Interesting Information: Blue Spring is part of a karst complex known locally as "The Narrows" because of a ridge backbone just north of the spring, best described as "three-quarters of a lane wide." Within one square mile are four springs, with a combined daily flow of over 100 million gallons. Blue Spring can only be adequately photographed near noon because of the bluff, and dense undergrowth

Brief History: Blue Spring is presumed to have been used in the aquaria farming operation in the area until 1978. Its proximity to the Eleven Point River, and frequent flooding probably deterred most efforts. Most of the human use of the area centered at Thomasson Mill (now called Morgan) Spring, about one half mile away. A gristmill operated here in the late 1800's until the early 1930's. The area continued as a local picnic destination. In 1951, the Morgans opened an aquaria plant farm. They continued in business until 1978.

Ownership and Access: Purchased by the US Forest Service in 1972. Parking area and river float camp (Road barred: no private vehicle access to springs or camp.) Day use only, except by floaters.

Morgan Spring at the Narrows

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