Boiling Spring rises along the south bank of the Gasconade River.

Name: Boiling

Location: Pulaski County, Missouri

Rank: 14

Average Flow: 45 million gallons per day (69.5 cubic feet per second)

Recharge Area: To the east and southeast of the spring. Boiling Spring has been dye traced to several large sinks in the area, and there are 12 known caves, including a bat hibernaculum, within a one mile radius of the spring.

Interesting Information: Spring rises in the bottom of the Gasconade River, in a visible boil along the eastern bank, at the base of a tall bluff. At low river flow the bottom of the spring can be seen churning gravel. The spring water reportedly is often clear at times when the river is murky or muddy. Divers have been to 1800 feet plus and 175 feet depth in this spring. There is some dispute over the volume of this spring. As with other riverbottom springs, only an above/below difference measurement can be taken, and true maximums are hard to get. One recent researcher gives an average daily flow of 80 million gallons for this spring.

Brief History: In the past, a river resort atop the bluff used the spring for water, utilizing a "sky well" bucket arrangement to draw water. The developed overlook used for this purpose is visible from the river. The spring is allegedly a good fishing hole when the river is low.

Ownership and Access: US Forest Service. No access via road, easiest access is by floating the Gasconade. There is a private campground/canoe rental across the river which charges a nominal fee for day use.

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