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It is impossible to define Missouri in less than a complex paragraph. We're in the middle of it all--at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, geographically, we have a bit of the Great Plains, the Appalachian hills, the Midwestern small towns and farms, and the sophistication of large cities, very much in touch with the pulse of the world. From the Bootheel to the birthplace of the Pony Express, from the Gateway Arch to the glitz of Branson, Missouri sits bang smack in the middle of many cultures and ways of life. From the Amish to Zanoni Mill, we're a crazy quilt of patchwork pieces, forming a warm, and ultimately useful state.

Just like Missouri, this website longs to be all things to all people-- eventually. So be patient as it grows slowly, like some black walnut tree, eventually yielding great treasure. We're growing, not "under construction" and no one knows what paths our branches will eventually take. Enjoy.

Missouri--Where Our Name Comes From

Our Roots: Springs, Caves and Karst

Missouri Springs Virtual Resurgence

A Brief Geology of Missouri

Webster's Home Cave

Luella Agnes Owen--A 19th Century Missouri Geologist

Missouri Public Lands and Government Links

Don Rimbach Obituary

Bob Reynolds Obituary

A Poetic Look at Missouri

What is Interpretation?

Interp Tips and Tricks

BOOK REVIEW: Of Greene County and Gargoyles by Jerry D. Vineyard

East Central Missouri Specials

Watching the Meramec Roll By

The Wide Pacific Shore (Pacific, Missouri, that is.)

The Meramec Dam Controversy

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