Blue Jewels in the Ozarks

A Beginner's Guide to Missouri Springs

Basins of deep, aqua blue water dot the dark green Ozark hollows, audible long before they are seen, and flowing from the merest trickles of water to hundreds of millions of gallons a day. They have drawn people from the earliest times for many reasons--dependable water, camping spot, power source, aesthetic beauty and soothing recreational destination. Many tales of folklore, fact and science have been told about, and on their shores.

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What is a Spring?

Commonly Asked Questions about Springs

Spring Flow Facts

Statewide Spring Distribution Map

Mineral and Salt Springs: Taking The Cure

Publicly Accessible Missouri Springs

Up Close: The Twenty Largest Ozark Springs

Historical Uses of Missouri Springs

Groundwater Types 101

A Karst Hydrology Primer

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A Note for Divers

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