Some Poems with Missouri Themes

People from the coasts and mountains often scorn the Midwest, as being nothing but a flat interstate through corn and soybeans, occasionally punctuated by a tree, grain elevator, or church steeple. Those of us who live here know the truth: the subtlety of our landscape is an ever changing delight which sharpens one's powers of observation. Following are a handful of poetic looks at our environment. These will change as time continues, and your reactions are always welcome. You are free to download them and print them for your personal enjoyment as long as credit is given to the author; reprinting for profit or plagiarizing for school assignments is strictly prohibited. Poems are copyright, various years, by Jo Schaper.

Poem Links

Our Lady of the Ozarks

The Choice

Onondaga Spring


As It Was In The Beginning

Dogwood Snow

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