Pulltite Spring has one of the most pristine recharge areas of any Missouri spring.

Name: Pulltite

Location: Shannon County, Missouri

Rank: 13

Average Flow: 47 million gallons per day (72 cubic feet per second)

Recharge Area: Largely undeveloped local area to the west known as the Sunklands. Enormous sinkholes, caves and karst encompass this recharge area.

Interesting Information: Pulltite Spring has been found recently to be twice the discharge previously thought. Pulltite is difficult to visit casually because it is on the "wrong side" of the Current River, a short walk up a developed trail. Just downstream of Pulltite are Fire Hydrant and Sand Boil Springs, at the river's edge. Thirty years ago the river bottom collapsed, resulting in the Current becoming a "gaining" river from a riverbottom spring which can sometimes be seen at slightly high water levels.

Brief History: Pre-1900, a series of three mills utilized the spring branch. The name came from the "tight pull" of the teams down a steep hill on the west side of the river to the mill, one that necessitated a spoke in the wheels as a brake on the wagon. The spring was purchased in 1911 by St. Louis businessmen for a fishing resort, and the lodge built in 1913. The property, including that adjoining on the east bank of the river, came in to federal hands in 1967.

Ownership and Access: Owned by the National Park Service since 1967. Developed campground on the Ozark National Scenic Riverways. No charge for entry to view the spring, however, access is best by canoe to an established landing, or during summer at low water, as the spring is below and on the far bank of the Current from the campground.

Fire Hydrant Spring 15 years apart.

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