Roubidoux Spring is a favorite for people in Waynesville.

Name: Roubidoux

Location: Pulaski County, Missouri

Rank: 16

Average Flow: 37 million gallons per day (57 cubic feet per second)

Recharge Area: Dry upper reaches of Roubidoux Creek, which stretches 14 miles before it becomes a year round stream one mile above the spring.

Interesting Information: Roubidoux Spring rises in the Waynesville, Missouri city park, at the base of a high bluff. The spring once emerged from a cave opening, but it is now permanently backflooded by a dam built to keep it out of Roubidoux Creek. A large retaining wall above the spring helps to maintain the road above from the spring at high flow--the spring and creek have washed the road away more than once. In flood, Roubidoux Spring can reach 200 cfs in flow.

Brief History: A succession of private owners until purchased by the city of Waynesville in the last twenty five years. Well known picnic and fishing spot for locals. One of the few places in the state where scuba spring diving is routinely allowed to QUALIFIED and certified cave divers. The spring was dug open for diving in the late 1960s by Don Rimbach. ALL DIVERS must register at the 911 center for permission before entering the spring. Several dive fatalities have occurred at the location. The cave has been mapped 240 feet deep and just over a mile in.

Ownership and Access: Owned by the City of Waynesville, Missouri. Picnicking, fishing, allowed; diving allowed by PERMIT ONLY. No charge for entry to view the spring.

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