No work comes out of a vacuum. One could rightly thank all the professional, academic and amateur geologists, miners, and engineers who have contributed to the study of Missouri geology since the first Native American picked up a shiny rock, or powdered her first hematite for a cave drawing. And I do.

On a more practical basis, though, a few sources should be acknowledged (and by no means held responsible) for this traipse through Missouri geology presented here. So kudos, and a tip of the geopick to Art Hebrank, Jerry Vineyard, Jim Vandike, Toby Dogwiler, Hal Baker, Don Rimbach and all the authors, past and present, of the last 150 years of literature produced by the Missouri Geological Survey, in all its various name changes and incarnations. Without these men and women even this small website would not be possible.

If you (fair reader, whoever you are) would like to pursue this topic, I recommend my primary sources:

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