State Rock - State Mineral - State Fossil

Missouri State Rock:

Mozarkite--pink to pastel often swirly and multicolored fine grained chert (SiO2). Mozarkite is found near Lake of the Ozarks, and takes a high polish for fine opaque jewelry work. Photo: collection of the author.

Missouri State Mineral:

Galena--cubic and octahedral crystalline lead sulfide (PbS). First reported in the late 1600s, mined in 1720 at Mine La Motte, and found in 4 major districts in the Southeast, Southcentral, Central and Southwest parts of the state. Photo above also shows a miniature refined lead pig. Photo: Collection of the author.

Missouri State Fossil:

Delocrinus missouriensis--A crinoid, or sea-lily endemic to the state during the Pennsylvanian. The Mississippian and Pennsylvanian geological periods were peak times where crinoids, (specimens above are of various species and ages) an animal which lives in ocean shelf environments, dominated the seascape. Many a budding geological career in the state began with accumulation of crinoid stem segments (aka "stone donuts or rock Cheerios (tm)"). Complete preserved specimens are rare; stem fragments are common in limestone exposures along the central corridor of the state. Photo: Holdfast from UM-Columbia Fossil Collection; Crinoid head courtesy Onondaga Cave State Park; remainder collection of the author.

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