All visitors must review the following rules and sign waiver before entering onto The Lloyd and Ethel Hoff Underground Nature Preserve property. These rules must be followed to protect the cave, the property, MCKC, MMV, and all visitors. It is also important to follow these rules to maintain a good relationship with the adjacent landowners. Remember you are a guest on this property and represent all cavers that come after you. Please be on your best behavior.

1.     Follow all rules, documents and requests of the MMVBB, Property Manager, and Cave Manager.

2.     Keep a low profile at all times while on the property – no shouting, drunkenness, bonfires, honking, nor anything else that might be considered boisterous behavior.  If your behavior might be noticed, in a negative way, by the neighbors, it is forbidden. Changing clothes and gear after a trip should be done in a discreet manner and shielded location.

3.     Park in the location designated.

4.     Lock all gates (including the cave gate) behind you so unauthorized entry does not occur. Do not lose or duplicate the key. Lost keys will cost $50, since all locks and keys will need to be replaced.

5.     Use caution entering the Mainstream area of the cave during high water conditions. Check the weather conditions before entering the cave. Heavy rains have the potential to trap people in the far regions of the cave.

6.     Do not enter the cave under the influence of alcohol or other substances. Small amounts of legally possessed alcohol may be allowed at Base Camp, NEVER while outside the developed section and only on special occasions. Public drunkenness at any time will result in immediate ejection from the cave.

7.     No smoking in the cave.

8.     No pets in the cave.

9.   No one shall enter or exit other Berome Moore entrances, either known or unknown, without prior prearranged permission from the MMVBB.  

10.  Before leaving the parking area, be sure to pick up all trash, clothing, etc.

11.  All cavers will follow the NSS safe caving guidelines, including the following: Never cave alone. Wear a helmet. Carry three sources of light. Wear suitable, lug-soled boots. Tell someone where you are going and when you will return. Beyond Base Camp or Cat Track Passage, there must be a minimum number of four in the party.

12. Pack it in – Pack it out. No one may make permanent improvements to Base Camp, or leave, or take items at or from Base Camp without prior permission of the trip leader.

13. It is highly recommended that any adult planning to stay overnight in the cave bring in at least one gallon of water. If any water is unused, it may be left at Base Camp.