A Beginner's Guide Through the Passages of Speleology

If you've found your way to this page, it is safe to say you're interested in caves and karst. And you've found the right place to find some answers. Your guide for this trip is me, Webster the webworm. Yes, there really is a creature called a webworm, (actually a gnat larva with the scientific name of Macrocera nobilis) which spends its youth in Midwestern caves. Like the webworm, many Missouri cavers spent their youth fascinated by caves. Unlike me, most of them grew up and retained their fascination with the underground and the karst regions of caves, springs, and sinkholes.

Come along, and crawl through the pages below. I believe you will find it a most fascinating journey. Caves and karst are a most precious and fragile non-renewable resource. More than that, it's my home. Be gentle if you venture there, and leave no trace of your passing.

The Basics of Speleology

What is Speleology?

Speleologist, Spelunker or Caver?

Caves, Karst and Springs

Cave Geology


Springs in the Ozarks

Missouri Geology Through The Ages

Cave Life

Bioinventory--Cave Critter Science

Cave Critters

Cave Ecology

Caves and People

A Short Missouri Cave History

Luella Agnes Owen--"Cave Regions of the Ozarks and Black Hills"

Cave Managing Agencies

Cave Cleaup and Restoration

Caving and The Law

Caving Safely

Missouri Show Caves

Cave Survey

Caving Organizations

Caving Organizations

National Speleological Society

Mississippi Valley-Ozark Region (MVOR)

Missouri Caves and Karst Conservancy

Missouri Speleological Survey

St. Louis Area Caving Grottos

Other Missouri Resources

Need Information on Paper?

Jo Schaper's Missouri World

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