How Many Caves Does Missouri Have?

Missouri currently (May, 2006) has 6100 known and located caves. In general the karst areas of the state are near the large rivers, and inland south of the Missouri River, although two-thirds of all counties have some caves. This information is updated three times a year at the MSS meetings, based on cave reports contributed to the Cave Files--a collection of reports, maps, photographs and other cave related items. This digital and paper collection is a joint effort of the MSS and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Geologic Survey and Resource Assessment Division.

Cave information is utilized for research, conservation and educational purposes, by the cooperators of the MSS, with location information being loaned only on a confidential, and need to know basis. Non-MSS affliated persons, companies, agencies, or other concerns with a legitimate need for information on Missouri caves may bring their requests to the Cave Files Committee at the GS-RAD in Rolla, Missouri, or to the entire Board of the MSS at one of our meetings.

2003 Jo Schaper.

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