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Band and Orchestra Instrument Accessories

Pic of Accessory Wall

Jerry's has all the accessories you need for your instrument including:

Accessories recommended by the Columbia Public Schools for beginning band students like reeds, stands, etc.
(We have the list on file).

*** Really low prices on Reeds ***

Picture of Reeds

Vandoren Reeds we stock:
56 Rue Lepic, V12, Java, ZZ, Traditional

D'Addario (formerly Rico) reeds we stock:
D'Addario Select for alto and tenor sax
D'Addario (Rico) Royal for all instruments.

Pic of Accessory Wall

Mouthpieces: New & used brass and woodwind mouthpieces by
Bach, Holton, Yamaha, Selmer, Woodwind, Hite.

Maintenance Supplies: Cleaning brushes, snakes,
swabs, polish cloths, swabs, pad savers...
Lubricants: Valve oil, Slide grease, rotor oil, slide cream, cork grease...
Marching accessories: Lyres, flip folders, flip folder windows...
Stands: Flute stands, sax stands, trumpet stands, folding music stands.
Electronics: Metronomes and tuners from:
Korg, Quick Time, Matrix.
Parts like: Sousaphone bits, replacement cases,
sax neck screws, flute plugs, ligatures...

Accessories by Selmer, Yamaha, Vandoren, Rico, Bach, Conn, Benge and many more.

Orchestra Accessories

Strings (Prelude, Zyex)
Bows (Fiberglass with horsehair)
Rosin (SuperSensitive, Jade, Hill's, Pops, Nyman)
Shoulder Rests (Everest, Muco)