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Buffet Intermediate and Professional Clarinets

Picture of R13 Clarinet
The R13 Professional Clarinet.
Available in either Nickel or Silver finished keys.
Unstained wood is carefully chosen for its acoustic and esthetic qualities.
Tone hole undercutting is carried out to Buffet's stingent standards.
Adujstable thumb rest.
Keywork is carefully tried, tested and adjusted.
Also available in Greenline.

Pic of Festival Clar
The Festival Professional Clarinet
Specially chosen, dried
and tested African blackwood body.
High precision bore and undercut tone holes.
Stainless steel rods and pivot screws.
Pointed needle springs.
GT pads.
Eb / Eb lever.
Adjustable thumb rest and 2 barrels.

Pic of E11 Clarinet
The E11 Intermediate Clarinet.
Pitch 442
African blackwood
Adjustable thumb rest
Silver plated keywork
17 keys / 6 rings
Metal rings
Double fish skin pads
Pointed needle springs
Delivered in case, with mouthpiece, ligature and accessories

Pic of E12F Clarinet
The E12F Semi-Pro Clarinet.
Key: Bb
African blackwood body. Treated and lacquered.
New concept bore.
Undercut tone holes, improving accuracy of pitch
Forged keys, copper plated then silver plated.
Stainless steel springs for more precise key movement.
Superior quality double fish skin pads.
Adjustable thumb rest enabling the use of a neck strap.
Ergonomic and practical backpack case.

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