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Jerry's sells new band and orchestra instruments. We are authorized dealers of the following manufacturers:

This just in!

S.E. Shires Q30 Trombone with Axial Flow F Attachment.

S.E. Shires, Co. Q30 pro trombone.
.547" bore.
Axial Flow F Attachment.
3 Interchangeable leadpipes.

Eastman logo

Saxes, double horns, trumpets and trombones from Eastman Winds.

S.E. Shires Logo

Brass instruments from S.E. Shires Co.

Sonare Logo

Sonare' Flutes made by Verne Q. Powell Flutes

Buffet Logo

Clarinets from Buffet-Crampon

Hans Hoyer Logo Double Horns from Hans Hoyer

B&S Logo Pro Trumpets from B&S

Amadeus Logo

Amadeus Futes made by Wm. Haynes Flutes