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Jerry's Repair Shop

Picture of Todd
Todd Yatsook

A little background info on our head repair technician, Todd Yatsook.

Picture of Kristi
Kristi Larsen
Picture of Jerry
Jerry Rowden

Repair Jobs

Jerry's Instrument Repair specializes in the repair of woodwind and brasswind instruments. Here is a list of some of the jobs we perform.

Complete Woodwind Repad: We disasssemble the instrument and wash it, replace all pads, all corks, all felts, adjust it and play test it. A complete repad usually makes an instrument play better than it did when new.

Good Playing Condition: A "GPC" corrects those issues that keep the instrument from playing correctly. Most of our repairs are GPCs. For woodwind instruments a GPC may include replacing a few pads, replacing missing or damaged corks, straightening bent keys, and adjustment. A brass instrument GPC often consists of soldering braces or joints, fixing dents, freeing stuck or sticking valves or slides, removing obstructions, etc.

Picture of Todd with the Ultrasonic Cleaner
Todd at the Ultrasonic Cleaner

Brass Instrument Ultrasonic Cleaning: We disassemble the instrument, immerse it in our ultrasonic cleaner which cleans by cavitation, brush inside and out, rinse and dry. Felts and corks are replaced and the instrument is lubricated and reassembled.

Estimates are free and Performed While You Wait!:

Todd Yatsook demonstrates the application of TROMBOTINE to a trombone slide.

Todd shows how we replace a water key spring on a brass instrument.