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Pic of Sonare Flute

Sonare Flutes

Flutists agree the most important features of a flute are the Headjoint and Scale.

The Headjoint: Every Sonare flute comes with a Verne Q. Powell Signature headjoint made completely of sterling silver at the Powell shop in Boston by the same headjoint makers who create the headjoints for Powell's Handmade Custom flutes.

The Scale: Every Sonare body is made at the Powell shop in Boston with the Modern Powell Scale -exactly the same scale used on the Powell Signature and Conservatory instruments.

We have instruments in stock and have demonstration instruments for you to try. Come in and try one of these affordable, fantastic instruments.

Picture of Sonare' Flute.

The 700 Series flutes feature:

Powell Signature sterling silver headjoint.
Sterling silver body and foot by Powell.
Pointed key arms.
Offset G.
Low B key with Gizmo.
Wood case with case cover.

Visit the Sonare Flute Website.