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P.Mauriat Saxophones

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P.Mauriat Le Bravo Alto Sax

The Le Bravo Saxophone from P.Mauriat combines warm, resonant gold brass with the powerful, solid nickel-silver Super VI neck to create a thick sound that has serious punch. The Le Bravo is a beautifully crafted instrument that will make any seious saxophonist happy to play it.

P.Mauriat PMXA 67RDK Alto Sax with Dark Lacquer

As with all of the Rolled Tone Hole models, a truly unique rolling process uses the saxophone's existing material; unlike rolled tone holes of the past, there is no soldering here, the tone holes are drawn from the body and then rolled over allowing superior resonance throughout the entire saxophone and increased response in all ranges. The bell is enlarged to compliment an already warm, fat sound.

P.Mauriat System 76 Tenor Sax with Dark Lacquer

The SYSTEM 76 is Vintage Personified. The expanded bore and bell produces a bigger sound with a core that is full of rich overtones. The vintage dark lacquer seals the deal, capturing a timeless character while complimenting the centered, focused sound. The System 76 is offered in a variety of lacquers to suit each individual player's style and taste.