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After many years of transfers, endless TDY's, seminars and meetings scheduled at the last minute, we decided it was time to retire. In December, 1992, I took an early retirement from the Department of the Army, we packed our bags, and in February, 1993, we moved into a house on Table Rock Lake which we had purchased several years earlier.

After 30 years of installing and maintaining IBM mainframes and operating systems, I now had time to build my own PC and do the things I wanted to do. My wife, bless her heart, had to follow me from duty station to duty station wherever they might be. One was Denver, Colorado.

Having been transferred from Columbus, Ohio, I decided that I wasn't going to move 1500 miles just to look at the mountains - I wanted to move another few miles and live in the mountains.

We bought a log home outside of Conifer which was about a thirty minute drive from my office in Lakewood, a suburb of Denver. It was a real joy to be in such peaceful and quiet surroundings after the daily hassle of the job. If you've never been to the Rocky Mountains, you can't know just how blue a sky can be. Nor can you appreciate a blazing Milky Way overhead each night. The beauty of this cannot be described in mere words.

In the evenings, I could work off the frustrations of the office by chopping wood for the wood stove in the living room. On the weekends, we would get in the '56 T-Bird and just drive around the mountains.

At Christmas time, we cut our own tree. Being a little on the greedy side, we cut larger than we really needed. Imagine fourteen foot Christmas trees! At night, under the millions of stars and in its shining beauty, it was truly a glorious sight. I don't think that as long as we live, my wife and I will ever see and enjoy such natural splendor.

A pleasant diversion was to simply sit out in the back yard and contemplate the Aspen trees as they gently turned to gold. No need to mow the grass, either!

Macy also had some yard non-chores. Like monitoring the snow as it melted from the rocks!

Well, that's about it. Try the Family Genealogy page. I especially invite the young people to read the USAF Memories page. My Dad's WWI Diary page might also interest some of you veterans. Also, you might want to visit the Home Page of American Mensa, Ltd. to find out more about this very unique international organization. In it, you'll find links to International Mensa and other world-wide Mensa groups.

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