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 The Red Cross does a world of good, we saw it first hand during Hurricane Andrew. They are helping in New Orleans right now.

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The wall of the Best Showroom in Homestead


Naranja Lakes


House in Florida City
 On August 23, 1992, Hurricane Andrew came ashore in Homestead, Florida with winds of over 245 miles per hour. Tens of thousands of people were made homeless and damage was in the billions of dollars, making Andrew America's costliest natural disaster prior to Hurricane Katrina. Fortunately Andrew's toll in lives was light, around two dozen deaths, a figure dwarfed by the great Galveston Hurricane, Katrina and others. Our home was spared, but the suffering we witnessed, as well as both the depths to which human nature can sink and the heights to which it can soar have touched us in permenant ways.  

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