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All of these books have been personally recommended by Paul, our three year old. Usually he recommends them by bringing them to Daddy with an insistent "Daddy, let's read!" We've only included books that don't get too boring to read again and again, and that have some real quality to them. Some of his "favorites" end up in the used bookstore!

Remember, there is no greater gift you can give a child than to nurture a love of reading. Plus, it really is quality time spent with your child.


Runaway Ralph

What mouse doesn't crave speed, danger and excitement? Well, Ralph's mom for one. Ralph loves his motorcycle, but when subjected to the indignity of giving rides to squirmy siblings, he decides to break out and seek his fortunes on the open road. Oh yes, fortunes AND medium sized boys with peanut butter sandwhiches. Paul loves all the Ralph books by Beverley Cleary. I enjoy them too, I can relate to the teenage angst!

Our price: $5.99

Sometimes we have used ones really cheap!

Boxed set of all the Mouse and the Motorcycle books. Only $12.58


Haroun & The Sea of Stories

Salman Rushdie, for kids? Yup, he is a master of the fable, and if the Bad Guys ever succeed in their fatwa, something marvelous will have been lost from the Earth. Parents ("of a certain age") and their children will cherish this story of a storyteller who looses his "gift of gab" and the adventures his son has visiting the Sea of Stories to get it back. Julie and I love this story, as does Paul.

Our price: $10.36

List Price: $12.55

You save: $2.59 (20%)

Audiobook version is available used only.

The Magic Schoolbus, a great educational and fun series:

The Magic Schoolbus Gets....

*The Magic School Bus Gets Eaten : (Food Chains)
*...Inside Ralphie : (Germs)
*...In the Arctic (Heat & Cold)
*... Plays Ball : (Physics)
*...Spins a Web : (spiders)
*...Hello Out There :(Space)
*...Butterfly (animals)

$3.15 each - It's a Wild Ride!


Dad likes these, and is saving them for later, since they are limited editions and may not be available in ten years when he's ready...


Cadet Kirk (Star Trek - Starfleet Academy Series)...
The adventures of Captain Kirk when he was a young cadet. I also recommend the Young Indiana Jones series to parents of teens: adventure with authentic historical context. The kids don't even have to know they are learning! Sadly, both series are out of print, but often a used one will be for sale on Amazon.com.



 We try not to watch too much TV, it may not hurt kids, but I never heard that it did them any good. Paul can watch one video a day, and this is a favorite.

I Love Toy Trains

A great series of videos for kids incorporating scale model trains, real trains and great music. Great for toddlers and adults.

Individual videos: $9.95 each

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

I Love Big Machines


A Family Treasury of Little Golden Books

46 of the famous Little Golden Books collected together in one volume. Such a deal! From Pokey Little Puppy to Scuppers the Sea Dog, your child will love these timeless classics, and so will you.

Only $21.95

The Cat in the Hat Learning Libray -

so much fun you don't know you're learning!


Is a Camel a Mammal?

One of a wonderful new series of non-fiction books starring the Cat in the Hat. In delightful Suessian style, the Cat in the Hat explores the wonders of nature. A great series! Only $8.99

There's No Place Like Space!

Another of the Cat in the Hat Learning Library series. Join the flighty feline and his astronauts (Thing One and Thing Two of course) for a tour of the solar system. Your mother won't mind at all if you do!

Only $8.99


Oh Say Can You Seed? All About Flowering Plants

A Suessian look at flowering plants. Easy you think? How about you find a rhyme for cotyledon?

$8.99 and worth every penny!


Oh Say Can You Say Di-no-saur?

The Cat in the Cretaceous! Dick and Sally learn about dinosaurs. This is Paul's favorite of the Learning Library. Only $8.99



UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Emergency Fund helps children who don't get presents at Christmas, or even enough to eat. Please, everyone can give something. As the old song says:

"If you haven't got a penny, a ha' penny will do,

if you haven't got a ha' penny then God bless you."

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