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Fractured Fairy Tales

by A.J. Jacobs
Yupper, right from the old Rocky & Bullwinkle Show is this collection of Fractured Fairy Tales. Some are hilarious, some are funny, and honestly, some are just dumb. It's a pleasant laugh down old Memory Lane for those of us who watched Bullwinkle on Saturday mornings or while skipping classes in college.

List price: $9.95
Our price: $7.96
You save: $1.99 ( That's 20% for those of you who spent your educational years watching cartoons!)





The Decline & Fall of Practically Everbody

by Will Cuppy

I can't recommend Will Cuppy enough. Sadly, this enormously talented spoofer of both Nature and History Academia is practically unknown today. However, in the 1930's and 1940's when he was writing for the New Yorker and other magazines, he was the Dave Barry of his generation, only smarter. He wrote the outrageous "How to Become Extinct", "How to Attract the Wombat" and "How to Tell Your Friends From The Apes." The first two are out of print, although I have cherished copies of my own, and the last is only available in a pricey ($21.95) large print edition. His facts are accurate and his information wonderfully meticulous, but his presentation and snide footnotes make the reading fun. Explaining the extinction of a Pleistocene wombat, he explains that this particiular wombat "weighed around 2,000 pounds. This was too much wombat and he was discountinued." You'll laugh out loud, trust me.
The Decline and Fall is more wordy and perhaps less funny than the Apes book, but it just may be that I appreciate the science humor more than the history humor.
His wry reflection on how the victors write history is reflected in this quote from a section on the Punic Wars: "The Carthageneans were ruled by their rich people and were thus a plutocracy, while the Romans were ruled by their rich people and were therefore a Republic."


Dave Barry Turns Fifty

The comic voice of the Baby Boomers has reached the Big 50! Yikes! Check out this book to see what it's like ahead, or maybe behind. Dave Barry has made countless people laugh with his nationwide synidcated columns. I always know when Julie is reading Dave Barry's column in the Sunday paper because it's the only time she laughs out loud. This is hardback, so more expensive. If you want cheap laughs, buy one of the paperbacks!

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