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Alley Mill

Alley Mill

Falling Spring Mill

Bollinger Mill

Alley Mill

Alley Mill

Bollinger Mill

Alley Mill
Note that Ozark grist mills did not have traditional waterwheels in most cases. These were already obsolete by the 1880s when most were built. They relied instead on turbines. Alley is interesting due to being powered by a spring, rather than a stream.
Read More About it: History of Alley Mill
A Living History of the Ozarks

A guide to the places, people and unique culture of the Ozarks
Water Mills of the Missouri Ozarks

A guide to the history and locations of all Ozark Mills in Missouri that are open to the public.
A Journal of the Seasons on An Ozark Farm

A wonderful look at life in the Ozarks through through the year on "Possum Trot Farm."

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