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Playing God In Yellowstone

by Alston Chase
This book is a seething indictment of resource management at Yellowstone. It can be a painful read, it infuritates me, but in many points I know he is right. This book was very controversial a few years back, and Chase continues to be an outspoken foil of Park Service policy. In some areas I think he is just uninformed or overly idealistic, but in some he's hitting too close for comfort. Everyone involved in park management ought to read this book, both to understand our critics, and maybe to face some unpleasant truths.

List price: $15.00
Our price: $12.00
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Mountain Time

by Paul Schullery
A fun look at the real life of a seasonal park ranger by NPS veteran Paul Schullery. If you are (or ever were) in the NPS, you'll be falling down laughing at the "true humor" here. If you aren't, maybe this book will help you understand the true nuttiness and dedication of park rangers.

Our price: $11.16

(By the way, I didn't have a picture of the cover. The illustration is a picture of Gibbon Falls I took at Yellowstone during the winter of 1989.)

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Thunderbear is a light hearted take on the "behind the scenes" of American public land management by P.J. Ryan, a 30 year veteran of the National Park Service. You can expect to read commentary on wildlife and park management of the national parks and forests as well as on history and travel, both domestic and foreign. (From the Thunderbear website)


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