About Me

About me?

Well....I grew up in a small midwestern town with my older brother and sister. My brother introduced me to comics...mostly war comics like Sgt. Rock, the Losers and G.I. Combat with a little Sgt. Fury mixed in. Of course, I couldn't read anything...I just looked at pictures. But it was this introduction to books that really got me interested in reading! Thanks Bro!

It was during that period that I also developed an interest in Superheroes and thus the campy Batman series (starring Adam West) and the Superfriends. My brother is responsible for that as a passion for classic Star Trek! My brother and I had a good set of the Marx Best of the West....which I still have most of to this day. However, Johnny West soon gave way to...

Mego action figures! We had Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty and a well as the Enterprise playset. Mixed into these were 4 LJN SWAT figures and a SWAT van....those were mine and I loved them dearly. To this day, the Megos survive (though in pretty bad shape), but only the SWAT van survived my childhood to represent the SWAT team.

In 1977, those figures could not hold my interest and gave way to.... ...Star Wars! Yep....those silly 3.75 inch action figures stole my heart and I never really looked back at Marx, Mego and LJN. Those SW figures held my interest until the teen years at which point toys lost value to me. I still have my SW figures to this day....and a nice assortment too!

It would not be until an unexpected delivery of the Marx figures from my parents in the year 2000, that I would re-visit my love of toys. Thinking them junk, I was prepared to throw them away until my mother pleaded with me to at least check out the values on e-bay.

E-what? I went to e-bay. I checked. I learned. And I never quit loving toys since! I still have all my old toys, but for whatever reason (I'm not sure why)....the Mego toy line has a firm grip on me. So, here I am....a toy collector and fan!

Many thanks to my Mego buddies at the Mego Museum. If you haven't checked it out, it's a great place to visit and I've made many a friend there. One look at my customs (and links) should tell you who they are!

This site is mainly dedicated to Mego's however I have other interests as well including Trek, NFL Football and sci-fi. Enjoy the website and feel free to shoot me an e-mail or give me feedback! ...Paul