Repros For Sale

This page lists Mego Reproduction Items that I have for sale. Most are factory made in China (thanks to Doctor Mego!) and are very nice. I have most of these items in stock and all "CHINA Made" items are $5 each unless otherwise noted. I try to ship as cheaply as I can...usually just $3.00 for a First Class box. When I'm asked to ship a body, the shipping will usually be more, due to the weight.

I do add items from time to time, so please check back!

Feel free to look around and if you have any questions or want to discuss a custom or something...feel free to e-mail me!

Want to buy something? Just e-mail me what you'd like and I'll e-mail you back an estimate. Cant' get much easier than that!

Thanks for looking!.....Paul



Male Red Jumpsuit
Male Light Blue Jumpsuit
Male Yellow Jumpsuit
Male Gray Jumpsuit
Male Black Jumpsuit
Male White Jumpsuit
Male Lime Green Jumpsuit
Male Dark Green Jumpsuit
Male "Sparkle" Jumpsuit (Black with Silver flecks)
Male Dark Blue Jumpsuit
Male Brown Jumpsuit
Male Magenta Jumpsuit

Male Red Shorts
Male Green Shorts
Male Black Shorts
Male Yellow Shorts
Male Blue Shorts
Male White Shorts

Space Shirt (Gold with 3 rank bars)
Space Shirt (Gold with 1 rank bar)
Space Shirt (Blue)
Space Shirt (Red)
Black Astronaut Belt
Andy Belt
Andy Boots (Brown)
Andy Boots (Yellow)
Andy Boots (Red)

Gray Business Suit $10
Blue Business Suit $10
Black Business Suit $8
Alter Ego Red Shirt (for T1 body type only)

Black Male Dress Shoes
Brown Male Dress Shoes
Black Jacket
Purple Jacket

Blue Male Mitten Style Gloves
Blue Male Superhero Style Boots
Black Male Superhero Style Boots

Gray Female Jumpsuit
Yellow Female Boots
Yellow Female Gloves

Knight Head
Carl Ketter Head
Paul Porter Head
Billy West Head
Dan Gabriel Head
Blonde Dan Gabriel Head
Black Mask with elastic band

Blonde Female Head
Knee joints

Green Quiver
Green Male Hat

General Ape Bandolier
Soldier Ape Bandolier
Soldier Ape Boots SOLD OUT!

White Astronaut Belt

Green Male Mitten Style Gloves
Green Male Shoes
Yellow Male Belt (Plastic)
Yellow Belt (Cloth)
Red Male Shoes

Red Female Shoes
Black Female Shoes

Blue Female Gloves
Blue Female Pirate Boots
Black Female Pirate Boots

Yellow Male Superhero Style Boots
Yellow Male Cape

Green Superhero Style Boots
Brown Bow
Brown Quiver for Robin Hood
Green Male Belt
Black Lion Rock sized Belt
Yellow Male Pirate Boots
Brown Male Pirate Boots
Ivanhoe Boots (Galahad)
Lancelot Boots

Brown Satchel
Brown Scabbard
Black Knight Belt (Black Knight, Long John Silver, Will Scarlet)
Black Knight Shoes
Black Male hard plastic Gloves
Red Male hard plastic Gloves
White Male hard plastic Gloves
White Labcoat
Purple Male Belt
Red Male Superhero Style Boots
Black Female Boots
Red Female Boots

Purple Male Superhero Style Boots
White Male Superhero Style Boots

Male Repro Body Caucasian $7 SOLD OUT!
Male Repro Body Snow White $7
Male Repro Body African American $7


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