The classic Trek episode "Journey to Babel" was an excellent episode indeed. There were various alien species involved and getting to see Spock's parents was also quite a treat. Captain Dunsel had already done a custom Tellarite from this episode, however, I'm glad he returned to this episode to do Spock's parents played by Mark Lenard and Jane Wyatt.

This head was sculpted and painted by Captain Dunsel. James really nailed the older look that Amanda had and the hair is classic Trek to a tee! Both James and Dave really do well painting female heads and I still can't understand how they do makeup and eyeshadow the way that they do. I guess I should just enjoy it and go on.

The Amanda clothes were designed by Dave McCormick and this one about leaves me speechless. Most of Dave's previous work has been jumpsuits, pants, and shirts and the like. This one goes in another direction completely with the red (see through) shawl with pink trim and underlying pink (sleeveless) jumpsuit. The design he did is not only a complete departure from his previous designs, but it's also dead on accurate to the character! Some dang cool clothes! The pink shoes are from the Mego Wizard of Oz Glinda the Good Witch. If you go looking for some, be careful because they are flimsy and easily crack.

If I had to complain about something on this custom, it would be that Amanda is taller than Sarek. Unfortunately, that's just the way Megos are designed and there's really no way around that since I don't think any of us want to redesign the Mego body. I can live with it! Overall, this is a really nice custom piece and I gotta say thanks to James and Dave for another great custom!

Amanda Amanda

Sarek and Amanda

Sarek and Amanda Sarek and Amanda