Golden Age Atom.

I was never a big fan of the Golden Age Atom....must have been the colors of his suit or something. But Al Pratt is kinda like Rocky, hard to not pull for the guy who doesn't have much going for him. Short and relatively powerless, the guy is a street brawler in tights! Talk about having the odds against you!

That said, I've considered making a custom Atom for a long time, but his suit was always a problem for me. The rest of the custom I had figured out, but the suit was a sewing nightmare and I put him off for the longest time.

Then, I bought some items from Brian Leitner who sews a mean outfit and is also a fellow JSA lover and I asked him if he'd ever done an Atom outfit. We talked it over and he stitched one for me and the rest is history! (BTW, Atom had various looks and even the costume Brian sewed has seen slightly different looks depending on artistic interpretation....see pics below.)

The head sculpt originally came from Cory (Coz) Wood but has been slightly modified to widen the jawline. The original head was a little thin for my liking and the Atom needed all the help he could get to look tough!

The head was sent to Dave McCormick to paint which probably makes you wonder just how inept I am at painting (plenty!). But upon close examination, check out the white eyes and black circles painted around them to set them off a bit! I couldn't have done that and that's why this head went Dave's direction! Dave also whipped up a cool blue cape for him which is such a close color match that the cape and cowl almost appear to be one and the same! Just a great all around look!

I originally cast resin Conan bracelets and painted them brown. However, when Brian sent the suit, he sent along brown cloth bracelets of the same brown material as the suit. They obviously match the suit perfectly and so I went with those instead of my originally planned Conan bracelets. Also of note, Mego could have gone either route...using the Conan bracelets cast in brown or using the clothlike ones just like the Mego Thor. Either way is Mego-like in my book.

Lastly, I dug out my minty Original Superman boots. It was an extra pair I was saving for a special occasion. Originally, I was going to use the regular repro boots, but Dave mentioned that the repro boots are kinda "thick" looking and on bare legs like Atom's...they might look odd. I tried both sets of boots and Dave was right....on bare legs the original boots are MUCH better! Good thinkin' Dave!

Also worth mentioning is the height of the Atom. At 5'1", many a customizer would probably slap him together on a 7" Lion Rock body. But if Mego made a Robin the Boy Wonder and a Mxyzptlk on a 8" body, then I figured Mego would have put Atom on a 8" body too! Perhaps not realistic, but VERY Mego!

There you have it! Granted, I didn't do a whole lot of work on this custom, but that's probably why he came out so great looking!

Another member of the JSA! Enjoy!

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