Ensign Chekov.

Well, I'm not sure what to say about Ensign Pavel Chekov. I really wanted to make one and figured that, like Sulu, he wouldn't really be too hard to make. The real stumbling stone was the lack of a head that resembled Walter Koenig, which of course means everything when considering this custom! Sure, there was the good 'ole Playmates version available, but to be honest I didn't think it looked ANYTHING like Koenig.

At first, I just made a Sulu and decided that I would wait until some super sculpter made a Koenig accurate sculpt. But the years have gone by and I finally couldn't take it anymore. Poor Sulu needed his partner, so I went ahead and used the Playmates version. I still dream of the day when there's a better head available, but until then, this will have to do.

Dave McCormick shrank the Playmates Chekov head, added the neck stem and sent it to me for casting. I cast it and sent it back to Dave who painted it for me (Thanks Dave!).

The rest was pretty easy: Original Trek body, Original Trek Pants, Original Trek shirt (with minor sleeve modification), Original belt, phaser, communicator and tricorder! BAM! DONE!

I should note that I obtained the minty Trek shirt years ago and finding one loose was a task. But this one sports the original foil and once I stripped the rank bars off the sleaves (reducing Pavel to a lowly Ensign), this baby looks about as genuine Mego as a customizer can get!

I like it! Even if the head is only so-so....

ChekovChekov Chekov