Dr. Beverly Crusher.

Dr. Crusher was one of my least favorite characters on TNG for several reasons. I never liked the relationship between her and Picard which always seemed contrived to duplicate the Kirk/McCoy relationship. And like most TNG fans, I hated her son, Wesley, who somehow skipped over Starfleet Academy and went straight to the helm of the Federation Flagship Enterprise. I never understood how morale could remain high on the Enterprise. All these Starfleet Academy graduates walking the halls knowing some snotty non-Starfleet kid was driving the Enterprise because of his mom's relationship with the Captain? Even more puzzling was how some Admiral didn't relieve Picard of command once he found out what was going on! I could go on and on, but enough of that...back to this custom!

Crusher (played by Gates McFadden) was probably the toughest of all the TNG Megos to create. The original Playmates head had rooted hair, so Dave pulled it all out and then shrank Dave a bald Crusher. He sent it to James who sculped on the hair at which point I stepped in to cast the head. Due to the long hair which curled around her face, this head was a bear to cast, but once turned out very well. The head was then shipped off to Dave to paint which he did to perfection! (All females seem amazingly difficult to paint and Crusher is no exception!)

The custom became even more complicated because of the clothes. Unlike the others who simply wore the standard Federation uniform, Crusher (at least in the early years) had her blue medical jacket. Dave was crafty enough to design one and sewed one up for me. I had to remember to attach James' emblem to the jacket (not the suit!).

The last part which became tricky for me was the boots. This figure was dressed on a standard Mego female body which means she needed some kind of boots/shoes. The obvious choice was Mego Uhura boots, but those boots were much too tall and Crusher's jumpsuit too tight. I knew the boots would have to be trimmed (and Dave told me that he used repro Uhura boots trimmed short), but I couldn't stand the thought of ruining Original Mego Uhura boots and I didn't like the thickness of the repro Uhura boots (they're a bit too wide for my liking). So, I ended up making a mold of Uhura's boots and casting my own of resin which I then trimmed down short and painted black. PERFECT!

Once put together, I couldn't believe how cool she came out. This is probably one of my top 2 Favorite TNG customs (the other being Worf), partly because of the work involved and partly because of the likeness to the character. It was a difficult custom, to be sure, but it was very worth it!

Dr. Crusher Dr. Crusher Dr. Crusher