Lieutenant Commander Data.

Good 'ole Data! He was to TNG what Spock was to TOS. A great character portrayed by Brent Spiner, Data is probably a favorite of most TNG fans. I know that my favorite episodes featured a heavy dose of Data. He was, in my opinion, too rare a character to waste too much time on some of the lesser crew members.

The Data custom was slightly more difficult to pull off than Picard and Riker, mainly because of his skin color. A hybrid body was strung with elastic cord (Mego Trek body parts plus Dr. Mego white arms) and then Dave painted the head. It seems that every picture you see of Data is different and his skin color varied from season to season. But the pearl white paint that Dave used for the face and the golden eyes are perfect! I'm really happy with the way he turned out!

I like the look of this custom and I think he adds some good contrast to the other characters. Picard and Riker are both white males wearing red while LaForge and Worf are both "dark" skinned and wear yellow. In that regard, Data has a unique look about him. Very Cool!

Data Data Data