The Flash.

The Flash (Barry Allen) was always one of my favorite heroes dating back to the Superfriends on Saturday mornings as a kid. It was also one of those I picked up quickly when I started reading comics. He's an all around great hero!

I am ashamed of just how long this custom has taken me to complete. I've always known pretty much how I was going to make him...I simply had never finished him off.

The head is a Charlee Flatt sculpt which was painted for me by (who else) Dave McCormick. My pictures can't do his paints justice, but it's a great head. The hands and body are original Mego. The red jumpsuit and yellow boots are from Doc Mego. The yellow lightning on the cuffs and waist were made by me from yellow electrical tape. It was time consuming making the pattern and getting it cut correctly, but I think it turned out pretty well. The emblem was an old one I'd printed years ago.

He is close to the way I envisioned Mego making him. I still can't believe they opted for The Waltons over Flash, but that's Mego for you. They are out of business for a reason afterall. I'm thrilled with my addition to my Mego JLA!

The Flash The Flash The Flash