In December of 2002, Dave McCormick and I were talking over how to build a Mego JLA. We were amazed with a picture of Scott Metzger's custom JLA and just couldn't figure out how we would do several of those heroes. A few days later, I recalled the silkscreened Flash and GL suits of David Lee and thought perhaps we could do the same for Firestorm. Dave and I talked it over and he knew that Cory Wood (Coz) had designed suits for David Lee before. I told Dave I might be able to sculpt a head if we could get a suit designed by Coz and printed by David Lee.

We talked off and on for the next year and by the end of 2003 we had him done!

This head was sculpted by me and cast by me. Dave McCormick did the painting.

Cory Wood designed the suit (in England) and e-mailed it to Dave McCormick (in Ohio). Dave approved the design and sent it to David Lee (in Missouri) for printing. After printing, the suits returned to Dave Mc who sewed this suit for me. (90% of the suits were shipped to Anthony McElveen in Louisiana to sew for Mego Museum Members.)

Lastly, he was built on a T2 Scarecrow body (had to get those yellow hands!) and was completed with yellow repro boots.

He took us a year (off and on) to complete and there were some sleepless nights perhaps, but in the end he was well worth it. Dave and I are pretty proud of him and we're glad to have been able to help some other big Firestorm fans have one as well!

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