Silver Age Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

What can I say about this guy? As a hero, he was always my favorite on the Saturday morning cartoon "Challenge of the Superfriends". As a comic reader with a budget, his was one of the few comics that I chose to buy and read. His leaving the Green Lantern Corp (to be replaced by the likes of Guy Gardner and Jon Stewart) in the 1980's was one of the reasons I lost interest in comics. Of course, now I've heard that DC has really messed up the character with their ignorant "shake up the DC Universe" storylines, but I'll leave that rant for another time...

He's still one of my all-time favorite heroes!

This custom was fairly easy to build, but his importance to me made him harder than he should have been.

The head is a Charlee Flatt sculped head, painted (of course) by Dave McCormick. The body is a white handed original Mego body. China made boots obviously work great here. And lastly the nice suit was sewn by Brian Leitner with an emblem made by me.

Major flaw: no ring. How can you have a GL without a ring since that's the whole source of his power? I don't know. It's just hard to do! Mego might have sculpted a special hand/fist with a ring like the special hand of the Lizard and I think Shane Aubrey has such a thing....I just haven't gotten around to getting one from him yet.

Another thing that bugged me was the suit. The solid green torso is not really accurate, but to have the proper design would be a real pain. I tried painting my own suit on a white jumpsuit, but frankly the Leitner suit was better than my miserable attempt. I also have a silk screened suit from David Lee to try, but I stink at sewing and just haven't gotten to it.

Perhaps someday I'll upgrade this version with a ring and possibly more accurate suit, but until that time, this will have to work. It's still a nice looking custom GL and an essential part of my eventual custom JLA.

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