Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott.

I'm not sure what it was about the Golden Age JSA, but I've just always loved them. Naturally, you can't love the JSA without loving Alan Scott!

I used a Charlee Flatt Green Lantern head and had Dave McCormick paint it for me. Technically, this head is suppose to be for Silver Age Green Lantern Hal Jordon, but the likeness is still pretty close, so I went ahead and used this head for Alan.

I took a repro red jumpsuit and a dark green jumpsuit and sewed them together for the base outfit. I'll thank my wife for this part...she helped me out on that. The emblem was one that I printed....pretty accurate and the emblem did change from time to time depending on the artist drawing him.

The boots are repro boots with yellow electrical tape criss crossing them in the comic design. The belt is my least favorite part. While cheesiness is pure Mego, that belt is a bit too cheesy for me. Something I'll have to improve at some point.

Lastly, the cape was handsewn by Dave McCormick. My picture doesn't do the cape is purple on the back and green underneath, just like in the reference picture. I'll have to update these pics later when I do a better belt and I'll be sure to get a better pic of the two tone cape.

This custom is a good start to my custom JSA. Judging by their number of members, I've got a long way to go!

GL Alan Scott GL Alan Scott GL Alan Scott