In my early years of watching Star Trek with my older brother, I often found myself stressed with fear. But few episodes were as frightening as "Arena" thanks to the fearsome Gorn Captain. To this day I remember the emotions that episode and that creature stirred within me.

In Mego form, the original Mego Gorn sucked pretty bad. The head was a repainted Lizard head using a Planet of the Apes body and a Klingon suit, boots and red Trek weapons belt. Way to take the fear out of that character Mego!

It is no wonder then that Captain Dunsel chose the Gorn as his first "official" custom. One look at this one and my awe is restored!

More than just a custom head, this custom Gorn has sculpted lower arms and legs which attach to upper Mego Hulk arms and legs. Captain Dunsel did all the painting on the arms, legs and head himself. I opted to purchase the Dunsel suit as well and the accompanying gautlets are pretty awesome!

The kit came along with some really cool accessories including the Gorn knife, translator and the cannon that Kirk used to subdue the Gorn. Infinitely better than a red Trek weapon set!

This custom is 100% Dunsel and I can honestly say I did little on this piece of work other than securing some old Hulk parts for the assembly. Still a great looking custom and definately the way Mego should have done it!

Gorn Gorn Gorn Gorn Cannon