Solomon Grundy.

"Solomon Grundy born on a Monday". Gotta love the guy. Dating back to "Challenge of the Superfriends" on Saturday Morning I always liked him as a villain and being a JSA fan I loved him even more finding out he was a nemesis of Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott.

This was another pretty easy custom. The head is a resin cast Hulk head, completely repainted by Dave McCormick. It's still the Hulk underneath if you think about it, but still makes a good Grundy.

The body is a snow white repro body. The shoes are from the Dukes of Hazzard (or Fonzie, Starsky). The shirt is a blue Luke Duke shirt and while I have seen the custom made with a gray shirt, the blue at least gives him a touch of color.

Lastly, the black pants and jacket come from a Black Repro suit. Like I said in the Commissioner Gordon custom, a 15 dollar suit goes a long way when you can use the pants and jacket for Grundy and the shirt/tie for Gordon. A few cuts and rips to the black suit and you've got Grundy's attire.

I've seen Grundy built on a Hulk body before, but to me he's just too big that way. He was suppose to be an "undead" human, so should still be human size afterall. So for me, this is the way to go!

In the end, a pretty easy custom. Not real flashy, but a good similarity to the villain!

Solomon Grundy Solomon Grundy Solomon Grundy