Khan Noonien Singh is without doubt the greatest Star Trek villain of all time. Sure, some might argue Kang, Kor or maybe even Koloth, but his return in the 2nd Trek Film "The Wrath of Khan" more or less solidified his grip on that title.

Portrayed by the great actor Ricardo Montalban in the now classic Trek episode "Space Seed", Khan is an old favorite amongst Trek fans. While it is truly a shame that Mego didn't see fit to create this Mego, at least someone did!

For that we can thank James Brady (Captain Dunsel) for a great sculpt. He captures Montalban's likeness beautifully and I can honestly say it was worth the 30 year wait. Good things truly DO come to those who wait!

This custom also marks the first sewing attempt by Dave McCormick. From this humble first piece Dave has gotten better and better and branched out to other clothes for our Megos! He also totes a variant Khan suit in yellow!

For this custom, I used the sculpted head from James (painted by Dave) and then clothed Khan with Dave's help. Also, check out the gold highlights on Khan's suit at the collar and cuff and the fancy stitching on his chest!

The head and suit were built on a T2 Trek Mego body and completed with a repro black Mugato belt (with gold sticker modifications). This is truly a fantastic looking piece and I highly recommend it to any Trek fan!

Ricardo Montalban as Khan Ricardo Montalban as Khan Ricardo Montalban as Khan

Khan KhanKhan

Khan Khan Khan