Lieutenant Geordi La Forge.

I have to admit, Geordi La Forge (plyaed by LeVar Burton) never really did much for me from a character standpoint. He was the "Scotty" of the TNG crew and just never seemed to get any of the good stories and never had any really interesting relationships. However, he was still a regular character and as such, very deserving to be included in our Mego TNG crew!

The La Forge custom was a straight forward head shrink by Dave, but the visor did give me some problems. On the original head, the visor simply snapped into 2 holes at the temples of the head. However, the visor would not shrink so the head was shrunk and then the visor was attached by me. I had trouble getting it straight and finally just superglued it to be perfect.

Once I cast the head, it was shipped off to Dave to be painted. It was probably the easiest of the TNGs for Dave to paint since there were no eyeballs to paint in...just the visor. The rest of the custom was pretty straight forward. A hybrid body was strung with elastic cord (Mego Trek body parts plus Dr. Mego brown arms) and the standard yellow suit was used with emblem by James.

Once finished, I really liked this custom. The character was kinda boring, but the resemblance to La Forge is very good, I think. He makes a good addition to the crew!

La Forge La Forge La Forge