Lt. Leslie.

The most often heard questions regarding Lt. Leslie are "which episode was he in?" and "who the hell is that?". I can't say I blame those question askers one bit! As for what episode was he in, lets just say "lots of them" and as for who he is, lets just say every crew member extra that was seen walking the halls, carrying a tray, manning a station, dying an untimely death, etc.

Actor Eddie Paskey played Lt. Leslie and can be spotted in many an episode. If you love Trek and think you have them all memorized, try watching for Eddie next time you sit down to watch your favorite episode, there's a good chance he's in it somewhere.

Paskey was really just an extra who was called upon for various duties on the Star Trek set. He wore various uniforms, but was most often found in a good old red shirt! You know, the guys who find unique ways to die in every other episode and the first ones killed when beaming down to a new planet!

Captain Dunsel sculpted and painted this head. I then outfitted him with his original Trek body, black pants and modified original red Trek shirt (WITH original foil!). Note the 1 gold band on the sleeve to denote the rank of Lieutenant.

Lastly, a nice original set of Mego Trek weapons and our good Lieutenant is ready for action (or death!).

This turned out to be a really easy custom and a nice tribute to the "red shirts". He also helps to fill out the crew quite nicely!

Leslie Leslie Leslie Leslie