Reverse Flash.

Reverse Flash, in my opinion, was one of the more powerful Flash enemies. With identical powers, a person can see why. I mean, Captain Boomerang? Mirror Master? The Pied Piper? Come on. Also known as Professor Zoom, Reverse Flash was about as tough as they come.

While this custom wasn't an absolute "must" for me to have, it was just too simple to pass up. He is almost identical to my Flash, just with different colors.

The head is a Charlee Flatt sculpt which was painted for me by Dave McCormick. The head is not identical to the Flatt Flash head, but is instead an angry version. The hands and body are original Mego. The yellow jumpsuit and red boots are from Doc Mego. The red lightning on the cuffs and waist were made by me from red electrical tape using the same pattern that I used for the Flash. The emblem was printed and cut by me.

He is a nice villain to have around for Flash. When I'm concentrating so much on heroes, it's nice to build a villain from time to time and build up on the baddies (something I need more of).

Reverse Flash Reverse Flash Reverse Flash