CUSTOMS long last....I've got some customs posted here. I've had some done for awhile, but the whole taking pics and writing text thing hasn't been high enough on my list to do. Hopefully with the first six done, the rest will get easier for me.

The customs listed here are all owned by me and put together with a variety of resources. The most notable and consistent source is Dave McCormick...especially with the painting of heads and sewing help. As always, the China made parts of Doctor Mego make customizing much easier, probably part of the reason why I stock them and sell them myself!

With that said, please keep in mind that I try to "go the Mego route" in my customs and try to keep them fairly simple and perhaps on the cheesy side. The old question, "How would Mego have done it?" has guided me on many of these.

Be sure to check back now and again, I hope to add more as I can.

Thanks for looking!.....Paul

Golden Orion (Dunsel)
Marta the Orion (Dunsel)
Silver Orion
Lt. Sulu
Ensign Chekov
Khan (Dunsel)
Kor (Dunsel)
Gorn (Dunsel)
Commodore Decker (Dunsel)
Amanda (Dunsel)
Sarek (Dunsel)
Lt. Leslie (Dunsel)

Darth Vader
Silver Age Green Lantern Hal Jordan (JLA)
Silver Age Flash (JLA)
Firestorm (JLA)
Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott (JSA)
Golden Age Atom (JSA)
Golden Age Starman (JSA)
Golden Age Star Spangled Kid (JSA)
Solomon Grundy
The Reverse Flash
Commissioner Gordon

Dr. Crusher
Counselor Troi
La Forge
The Next Generation Crew