The classic Trek episode "Journey to Babel" was a good episode for intergalactic politics and alien races. We were introduced to Andorians, Tellarites, Spock's parents (played by Mark Lenard and Jane Wyatt) and other unnamed delegates. Of course, meeting the parents of Spock alone was pretty cool! I'm really glad that Captain Dunsel chose to make these two and release them as a couple.

This head was sculpted and painted by Captain Dunsel. I like the strong Vulcan traits with the ears and eyebrows and I could easily see this head being used for a Romulan as well (which isn't much of a stretch since actor Mark Lenard also played a Romulan in the episode "Balance of Terror".)

The suit was designed by Dave McCormick who did his usual fantastic work. The chest piece was done by James and together, James and Dave can really turn out some great looking custom work. I believe the chest design was designed by James to be ironed onto the Sarek top and it's really nice! Compared to pictures from the episode, it's dead on accurate!

Again, as with most Dunsels, I did very little work on this figure. I simply built it with parts from Dave and James and only had to find a nice Trek body to use for it. Regardless, it's a really nice looking figure and together with his wife, Amanda, Sarek looks really sharp!

Sarek Sarek

Sarek and Amanda

Sarek and Amanda Sarek and Amanda