Silver Orion.

Well, this IS the Mego Orion Homeworld, so it only seems fitting to have more than the "normal" allotment of Orions here. Granted, I've got Goldie and Marta, but come on! Is 2 green skinned Orion Slave Girls really enough? I didn't think so either!

As was said in the classic Trek episode "The Menagerie", "They say no man can resist them!" and I guess it's true!

This green skinned beauty was built on a Wicked Witch body with (of course) resin hands cast by me and fitted to the wrist sockets. I shipped her off to Dave so that he could paint the head and sew an outfit.

The head is a Playmates Star Trek: The Next Generation Dr. Crusher head. The head was shrunk by Dave, sent to James Brady who sculpted the hair (she had rooted hair to begin with, but obviously that would have posed casting problems) and then sent to me for casting.

This resin head went to Dave who painted it "Orion Style" and he used silver and pink eye makeup to match the silver material of her dress. Dave sent me pics which did NOT do her justice. Only when I held her in my hands could I appreciate the job that Dave did on her!

She has that "high society" kind of slave girl look with that dress. Very fancy! The kind of slave girl you might see with Donald Trump or some high roller! Also of note is the tightness of the dress. From the back you can see the ripple of every curve and can almost read the Mego printing on the back of her body! I don't know how Dave got her into the dress...that is T-I-G-H-T!

Anyway....I think she makes a fine addition to my growing Orion Harem!

Silver OrionSilver OrionSilver OrionSilver Orion Silver Orion Silver OrionSilver Orion Silver Orion Silver Orion