Golden Age Star Spangled Kid.

It saddens me to even have to say "Golden Age" when I talk about the Star Spangled Kid. That implies that there is another more recent version of that hero and it's true, there is. But if DC hadn't been so stupid in killing him off in the first place we wouldn't have to worry about some lame attempt at replacing Sylvester Pemberton Jr...aka...The Star Spangled Kid!

I'm not sure what it is that I've always liked about this guy. Maybe the's hard to hate the red, white and blue when you enjoy the freedoms that we do in this country. Or maybe it's the undersized, powerless runt kicking some butt against all odds. Though mainly one of the "7 Soldiers of Victory" he was also affiliated with the Golden Age JSA, so I classify him as such.

For the head, I used a Mego Captain America head and shaved off the wings, the "A" and the ears and then made a mold and cast the head. I sent the head and like 25 tiny stars to Dave McCormick and he embarked on the difficult task of painting. The eyes of that head are tough to paint because the head was not sculpted in a symmetric fashion (thanks Mego!) and the eyes are not even (we wont discuss the bug eyes and the lack of room to paint flesh around the eyes, will we Dave?). Regardless, Dave did a fantastic job of painting the head and after painting the blue cowl and the eyes, he applied the tiny star shaped stickers with glue and then sealed the head to protect the stars from peeling. An absolutely GREAT job!

The suit was sewn from a baby blue and a red Doctor Mego jumpsuit. My wife helped me and we cut out the legs red legs and sewed them into a blue jumpsuit. That was tough, but we managed (thanks dear!). The blue boots are obviously China made repros and work well for this purpose.

The stars are the same type that were used on the head. I glued each and every star in place with Elmers what a job! I lost count, but I know I went over 100 stars! To my knowledge, I've got the record for most emblems on a custom!!

Granted, I could have perhaps found a blue fabric with stars that I could sew in for the top portion. But with my obvious lack of sewing skills, the glue on stars seemed like a better way to go.

Lastly, the belt. At first I used a shampoo bottle belt. I cut the belt much like a Mego belt with a little latch in back, painted it red and then stuck a thumbtack in the middle so that it would resemble my reference pic. But, frankly, that sucked. It was a good bit of customizing and all, but not very Mego like. I left the custom that way for awhile until I came up with a better plan.

The better plan was a reproduction Conan belt. I made a mold of my Conan belt and poured the belt of resin! Then, I painted it red, sealed it and attached it. It's much closer to my reference picture and much closer to what Mego probably would have done.

In the end, I really put some blood, sweat and tears into this one and as a result, I'm very proud of it!

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